What Type of Heart Do You Have?

by Jay Fannin on August 02, 2022

When I started in the PhD program at Dallas Baptist University, the first class that I took required us to fill out about twelve different personal surveys. Things like spiritual gifts inventories, personality assessments, leadership capabilities, and emotional intelligence quotation were all supposed to help us get to know ourselves. We had to write a paper on what we learned about ourselves, what our strengths and weaknesses might be, and goals to help us grow as a leader. I have generally enjoyed things like this because these types of surveys can help you understand yourself better. My wife on the other hand, hates doing this like that. I am the one that generally answers the questions for her. This past Sunday, I asked our people what type of heart do you have towards God’s Word? When taking surveys and answering questions like this one there can be some trickiness to them. Some people have an inflated sense of self and think of themselves more highly than they really are, and they do not get an accurate picture of themselves. Others have a much lower sense of self, and they score themselves lower than they really are. Either way the truest picture of someone is taking surveys and getting input from others who know you well to look over your survey to see where they might agree or disagree. Both pictures generally will give you the truest picture of your personality, your spiritual gifts, or anything else that requires self-evaluation.
            First and Second Kings provide us with lots of history and lots of stories about kings, prophets, the nation of Israel and the surrounding kingdoms. Some see it at just a list of kings who either followed God or did not follow God. Upon further examination, we can learn a lot about God, His grace, His Word, and His power throughout these books. Trying to answer the question of what type of heart you have was based off some not so ordinary stories in 2 Kings 6-8. We learned about several people whose actions show what kind of heart they really had towards God and His Word. There were four types of hearts mentioned: a stubborn heart, a superficial heart, a skeptical heart, and a soft heart. As a Christian, I would hope they we all have a soft heart to hear the words of God and be obedient to them. However, there are lots of people who are stubborn and do not obey God’s Word for a variety of reasons. Still there are others who are superficial and put on a show for people to see their expressions of obedience, but their hearts are not following God. Finally, there are those who are skeptical of God’s Word and question it more than they believe His Words. I am not saying that we do not need to use our God-given brains to think through what God’s Word is saying, but our doubts need to be crushed by our faith. One (or more) of these types of hearts probably describes you and those you know and love. So, which type best describes you? Would the people in your life support that answer or disagree? The proof is not so much in what we think only, but what we think and how we live.


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