New Year and a New Reading Plan

by Josh Strother on January 11, 2023

New year and new reading plan.
A friend asked me recently if I was into “New Year’s resolutions”. I paused for a moment and answered “no, not specifically”. He agreed, but quickly told me that while it may not be a true “resolution”, he does take time to reflect on his choices, how he dedicated his time, and looks to improve where he can.
This stuck with me and I recently started a new devotional plan. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the plan and I will also provide information so that you can view it too, if you so desire.
This week’s topic:
Not Everything Should Be Worshiped
The premise of the article relates to what we spend the majority of our time doing, or prioritizing in our life. References of the fanatic sports fans who go all out supporting a team. People that are obsessed with musicians/bands that scream, cry, and dance when their favorite artists are on the stage. These events or activities in and of themselves are not bad, but one should be aware of the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact these things can have on them. The article says, “Here’s why: as humans, we are worshipers! Every single one of us worships. We can’t help it. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s how we are made.”
 I would add to this…As humans, we were CREATED to worship. And we are reminded in Exodus 20, exactly what our Lord expects from us with regard to worship.
What do you worship?
Have a blessed week,
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