Make Room

by Jay Fannin on May 23, 2023

I heard a song a couple weeks ago that has become a favorite of mine lately. The song is titled, “Make Room” by Community Music, Elyssa Smith and the Church will Sing. The chorus of the song says, “I will make room for You, to do whatever You want to.” I was challenged by this song because lately I have been burdened by how my family and I move at such a blistering pace that we need to  SLOW DOWN! So, I questioned myself as to whether I am making room for Jesus in my life. Yes, I am spending time with Him through prayer and His Word, but what about the other times in my life. Am I living a “sent” mindset? Am I living in such a way that I am allowing room for Jesus to lead me and direct me to follow Him more completely? As I was preparing for the evangelism training this past Sunday, I was confronted with the thought that if I am not leaving room in my schedule to have a spiritual conversation then I was being disobedient to the Lord. I need to slow down and create some margins in my life that will help me become more intentional about being “sent” by the Lord, than sent to accomplish a task on MY schedule for any given day. When I go to the grocery store, I want to get in and get gone. I am hurrying to get everything on my list, and I am not even allowing any part of my conscience to allow God to lead me to someone that needs to hear that “Jesus loves them.” However, a “sent” lifestyle is one that intentionally seeks to be used by the Lord whenever or wherever. That requires me to make room for the Lord in everything, not just the “spiritual” things.
            This is not really a new struggle, but it is a struggle that I can no longer ignore. For the longest time, I struggled with singing “I Surrender All,” because I was not surrendering all. I want to want to surrender all, but I was not surrendering all. I can imagine that I am not alone in this because we sing all sorts of songs that speak of surrender, or Jesus having His way in our lives, but do we just sing it and not live it and believer it? To begin to make room for Jesus, I must allow Jesus to have His way in me and my schedule at all times. I know that this is a better way to live, and I just need to starting living it more and more. The song ends by saying “Your way is better” and “This is my surrender.” My new prayer is for me to follow Jesus’s better way and surrender my way so that He can have room to work in and through me. Will you join me in making room for Jesus in all areas of your life?


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