Easter Eggs in the Bible

by Jay Fannin on April 12, 2022

Every year around Easter there are Easter eggs a plenty. Almost everywhere you look in stores and advertisements there are Easter eggs as part of Easter. Churches all over are having egg hunts to draw in the community. As Christians, we know that Easter eggs fall short of why Easter is truly celebrated. Over the years, I have heard about easter eggs in movies and have always thought it was interesting. Easter eggs in movies are messages, images, or features hidden in a movie. Most of the time we will miss these if we do not know they are there. Unless someone points them out in slow motion or a still picture, they are probably not seen at all. When you investigate the meanings and purposes behind them it is quite an education as to why these hidden images are there at all. Sometimes they are there to connect one movie to another or to foreshadow something in the movie. These easter eggs have been around for over 50 years and most people have never heard of them.
            Sometimes when we hurriedly read through scripture, we miss out on easter eggs that are there to teach us something in the grander story of Christ and His purposes. In the Triumphal Entry passage found in Luke 19, there are at least three easter eggs for us to expand our understanding beyond verses 28-48. The first easter egg is that Jesus is the only place we can find true peace. The world tries to use substitute peace, but it never satisfies or lasts. Only the true peace of Jesus Christ will bring us peace that lasts forever. The Triumphal Entry is about Jesus, the Prince of Peace; entering Jerusalem, the City of Peace; riding on a donkey, an animal of peace; and He arrives to the praises of the people for peace. Peace with God only comes through the shed blood of Jesus Christ as an atonement for our sins. Without the blood of Jesus, we are enemies of God who will experience the wrath of God. Through the blood of Christ, we are at peace with God and that peace should cause us to have peace with others.
A second easter egg is that not everyone wants to praise God or wants Christians to praise God. In verse 39, the Pharisees call for Jesus to rebuke his disciples for praising Him. His reply is that if His disciples won’t praise Him, then rocks will do it for them. Christians for years have chosen to be silent or hushed by non-believers telling us to stop talking about or praising Jesus. Many have taken this as our persecution here in America. The country has spiraled downward because we remained quiet. We stayed quiet out of fear of possible consequences or fear of what others might say. This should not be true of people saved by the blood of Jesus. We should be shouting at the top of our lungs about the goodness and mercy of Jesus. In fact, our praise of Jesus should be what compels others to want to become followers of Jesus themselves. However, the non-believing world knows far more about what we as Christians are against, than what we are for. Silence is not golden when we should be declaring the praise of the one who saves.
After Jesus entered the city, He went to the temple and had to cleanse it because of what they had turned His house into. Jesus saw that the House of God was not doing and being what it was meant for. He drove out the bad elements and then went straight to teaching the Word of God daily. The third easter egg is that the temple (we) need to be cleansed regularly. We cannot allow sin to fester or sit in our bodies without dealing with it. Sin ensnares us and can cripple us, so we must be cleansed daily or more frequently. One way to help us in this is to remember that we are to be prayer temples. When we are consistently in prayer, sin loses its grip on us. Another way to be cleansed is to listen to the Lord daily. I have seen enough spiritual experiences to know that the main ingredient in the “Spiritual High” is the fact that that person is surrounded by God’s Word being taught, discussed, and applied daily. Why would you settle for anything less? A clean temple is paramount to growing and being used by the Lord.
Easter eggs are obvious around Easter but in movies and other forms of entertainment consumption, they are less obvious. My challenge to you today is to seek out easter eggs in scripture daily so that you live in peace, with praise, and ready to be used by the Lord.


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