7 Life-Giving Statements Everyone Needs to Hear

by Richard Adams on March 14, 2023

 There are some words everyone needs to hear.

Words are powerful.

As we seek to be like Jesus, we have an opportunity within our influence to be people-builders, speaking life-giving words to those around us.

For good and bad, my life has been greatly shaped by words shared with me.

There have been a half dozen or so other equally impacting “words” in my life.

Words are huge.

Especially from someone we trust.

I’ll be honest. I’m not the best at it. Sometimes I get so focused on completing tasks that I forget people are what life is all about. Every task on my list today and any day mean nothing without people. So, I intentionally try to pass on encouragement to people. In fact, I to make it a matter of personal discipline.

Everyone needs encouragement.

And there are some common encouragements we all need to hear.

Here are 7 life-giving statements everyone needs to hear:

I’m praying for you!

Don’t you love to know people are praying for you? I think even people who aren’t believers often appreciate a prayer on their behalf. I’m thankful for those in my life who have made part of their ministry praying for me.

You can do it!

In every position I’ve held there has been seasons where I simply didn’t feel I had what was needed to fulfill my role. The voice of people who believed in me – people I trusted – was vital to my success. I’m confident any achievement I’ve ever had has been proportional to the people that supported me in my attempts.

I love you!

“All we need is love! Love is all we need.” That’s not just a good Beatles song. It’s like air in our lungs. Of course, God is love. So, there’s not one ounce of our being or moment of our time where God is not all-loving to us. But we also need the love of others. We were designed for it.

It’s going to be okay!

When my kids were little there were times when they needed my presence in their room in the middle of the night. They were afraid. Perhaps they had a bad dream or were worried about something they were facing the next day, and they needed to know it was going to be okay. I’m not sure we ever grow out of needing to hear those words or sense that “presence” of assurance from people we trust.

I believe in you!

When I was at one of my lowest points in my life, I felt like a failure.  I felt I was letting down my family and others. I’m thankful my wife kept assuring me she believed in me. It was a catalyst for my growth and without it I’m not sure I would have recovered – at least to where I am today.

I’m proud of you!

Speaking of my wife again, this is one of my favorite things to hear her say. And she knows it, thankfully. If you’re raising boys or married to one, I would say guys cling to these words almost more than “I love you” – in my experience. But all of us – male and female – need to hear this affirmation.

I’ve got your back!

In my first management role I wasn’t trained for what I needed to do. The previous manager had quit unexpectedly and I was put in the position almost by default. I had a retired professional on my team. He was far more qualified than me to be leading, but no longer wanted the responsibility. More than once, however, he said these words to me – “I’ve got your back.” And I believe if I had ever needed him he would’ve stepped up and covered for me. I certainly sought his wisdom many times and it helped me lead even when I wasn’t fully qualified.

So, there you go. Words. Powerful words of encouragement.

Who could you add some life to today?



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