Intercessory Prayer Ministry

We want people to be praying to the One who has the power to answer prayers and change lives. We want people praying every day and we want the church surrounded by prayer every day. So, we want you to sign up based on where you live (Quadrant 1, 2, 3, or 4) and pick one day to pray thoroughly for the church and then commit to lift up prayer requests as we send them out via email and our weekly prayer sheet. We also want people to know that they can be prayed for by sending your prayer requests to . We want people to send us their prayer request so we can get more people praying in the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives, meet needs, and then praise God for what He does through our prayers.  Also, send us your prayer requests so we can send them to those that want to be a part of our intercessory prayer ministry.
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Intercessory Prayer Ministry


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