Mission, Strategy, and Core Values

Growing God’s family by building Christ-centered homes.
As a church family, and as individuals, we strive to see every believer participate in these activities.

Core Values

We deeply value...

Connecting Generations
demonstrated by...

  • Helping parents lead their homes toward greater spiritual health
  • Practicing the belief that each person needs every generation to enhance their growth in Christ
  • Creating pathways for intergenerational worship and ministry experiences
Strengthening Relationships
demonstrated by...
  • Guiding people to grow in their walk with Christ as the foundation on which to build all other relationships
  • Moving from Sunday morning acquaintances to everyday friends
  • Deepening connections through transformational discipleship
Working Together
demonstrated by...
  • A cooperative commitment to leverage our individual strengths
  • Collaborative effort to achieve common goals
  • Clear communication to enhance teamwork
Transforming Communities
demonstrated by...
  • Sending people to make a gospel impact in our neighborhood and beyond our borders
  • Partnering with local organizations to identify and meet needs
  • Mobilizing members to invest long-term through specific ministries
We believe a fully-devoted follower of Christ will...

Listen to God.
We will spend time with God in prayer, Bible study, and worship daily.

Say yes to God.
We will follow God’s plan for our lives today and tomorrow.

Make someone’s day. 
We will impact someone’s life with the love of Christ every single day.

Serve our neighbors. 
We will put others first by serving our local and global communities.

Take the next step.
We will be intentional in helping others grow as disciples of Christ.

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