2017 Bible Reading Plans

Our 2017 Bible reading plans are the ESV Outreach Forty-Day Getting Started Plan and the M'Cheyne Daily Bible Reading Plan.

Outreach Forty-Day Getting Started Plan

If you’re new to the Bible and would like to know where to start, the Forty-Day Bible Reading Plan is for you.  This plan will help you gain an overall understanding of what the Bible is all about, and introduce you to some the most important passages of the Bible as you see the big picture of what God has done. CLICK HERE

M'Cheyne Daily Bible Reading Plan

The second Bible reading plan that we have provided is the Robert Murray M’Cheyne Bible reading plan. It is our desire to foster serious Bible reading. In this plan we have prepared a schedule for daily Bible reading that would take readers through the New Testament and Psalms twice in 2017, and through the rest of the Bible once. In this plan you will see a daily chart listing two columns labeled “Family” and two labeled “Private.” It is our intent for the “Family” columns to be read in family devotions, and those in the “Private” columns be read privately in personal devotions. CLICK HERE

Pick up a free 2017 Bible Reading Plan Guide at our Resource Central or download a PDF of the guide.

Scripture Memorization

In 2017, we are once again encouraging our church to memorize scripture each week by using Fighter Verses. Fighter Verses is a great tool to help you memorize Bible verses that can help you to put God's Word to memory. You can learn more about this great resource at