Entrance Project


The Entrance Project Q&A was held on Sunday, October 28.  Several questions were submitted prior to the meeting and were addressed in the presentation.  You can access the presentation file below.
Town Hall Q&A


Last fall the congregation voted to initiate a project to improve the accessibility and visibility of the main entrance.  The Building Oversight Committee (BOC) was formed in January and given several goals.  The first goal was to develop a design and cost estimate for the project.  The following is the deliverable to support the goal.
Design Details:
  • 2 sets of double doors on the west and east sides
  • Automated handicap access
  • "Bumped out" entrances (see floor plan)
  • West side portico extends to the sidewalk curb
How Shady Oaks Baptist Church Has Grown:
The committee dug into the photo archives and found a series of pictures that represent the growth of our church over the last 60+ years.  The photos are in the presentation file.
  • 1959 - Tent in the backyard at 200 Bedford Euless Road, Hurst
  • 1960 - Land purchased
  • 1961 - A-Frame building constructed
  • 1962 - Addition to A-Frame
  • 1965 - Addition Of Education Building
  • 1977 - Commons Area building
  • 1984 - Sanctuary
Note:  Dates could represent funding approved, construction start or construction completion.
35 years since we have made a major improvement to our building -- IT'S TIME.
Cost Estimate:

Costs are currently estimates.  Costs will not lock down until contracts are signed.  Contingency has been added to estimate any cost changes between now and when the contracts are signed.
Budget & Finance Committee Information:


We can cover the increased monthly debt payment if 250 Giving Units (Tithers) give an extra $3 per month.


For the complete set of information gathered and presented:
September 23rd Handout File
September 23rd Presentation File


Next Steps:
Question & Answer Session - October 28 at 5:00 PM
Vote - December 2 after 11:00 AM Worship Service


To give to the Building Fund to help with this project, click HERE.


Respectfully submitted by the BOC:
Alan Bain
Carol Baker
Kathy Bates
Brad Birdwell
Joe Erwin
Tom Hildebrand
Kevin McClure
Justin Park
Lillie Spaulding
Gary Coulson - Advisor
Richard Adams - Advisor